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We help develop and secure funding for technology projects

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Workshops - From ideas to initial project

We facilitate the first steps: moving from early ideas and technical challenges to specifying the bigger picture 'why' and selecting what and how to solve. Typically this could be a 1-day workshop with you and potential project partners.

For complex projects, we help analyse 'value' and doability to provide insights for the best portfolio decision: what should you do now and what can be outsourced or postponed for later.


Application - A crisp idea that gets funded

In most cases, you will need a concise write-up to 'sell' your project and get funded. For external funding - public or private - we can help write your application and formulate objectives, strengths and weaknesses etc in a way that will enhance your chance of securing funding. This could be a two-week writing sprint, 4 hours / day, where we work together side-by-side virtually and in person.

We also do light-weight support. We advise on grants available to your project and provide honest and constructive review and feedback.


Starting up - Agile project management

Your project is ready to go! Or is it? Day-to-day tasks still need to get done, new management priorities arrive. Agile methods, visual planning and sprints etc., enable you to keep focus on the long-term goal and ensure day-to-day progress through clear objectives. 

We can help get your project team setup for agile sprints. This could be a 3-month activity, where we work with you for the first two-weeks to initiate the project and then help-out 1 day per following week to guide the team onwards. Our method is tested with several teams, but we will customize the process to make it light-weight and suitable for your purpose.


Phone: +45 4270 6045
Email: rune@hahnkristensen.dk
Address: Viby Bygade 21, 5370 Mesinge, Denmark